I worked as a delivery driver for the first time in the United States.

 Today is my first time here, preparing to earn money on my own. The easiest way to get started is to become a delivery driver, as the procedures are straightforward: all you need is a legal identity and your own car.

I initially chose the Chinese platform PandaDeliver, as it allows me to use Chinese and the service market is also Chinese. The review process was quick, and the background check was completed in just 2 days, allowing me to go online.

I worked as a delivery driver for the first time in the United States.

I am in San Diego, where there are relatively few Chinese people. The customer service assigned me to a relatively crowded area, but I waited for a long time without receiving any orders. I suppose it's because I'm a new driver. Eventually, the backend assigned me an order, totaling over $14, with a $4.99 tip; not bad for a 14-kilometer trip.

This order had the highest tip among the recent ones I took. Chinese customers really don't give tips, usually just 0.1 or 1 yuan, even for a long-distance trip that takes at least 40 minutes for a round trip. After deducting gas money, it feels like working for nothing.

This is a very bad habit. Without tips, it's hard for delivery drivers to make a living. It's tough for fast delivery workers.

Since I have other jobs, I did 5 orders intermittently within 24 hours. I encountered all kinds of people. Some residential areas don't even have parking spaces, but they still ask you to deliver to their doors. You must go upstairs in such cases! Are you irritated? Some people haven't arrived, but they ask you to deliver the food. You wait for more than 10 minutes, and they don't show any gratitude; it's like it's your duty.

Don't expect delivering food to change anything for you. It just wastes your life, making you run around on the road.




今天我在美国第一次做DeliveryPanda外卖员 今天我在美国第一次做DeliveryPanda外卖员

今天是我来这里第一次准备想自己赚钱了,最容易上手的就是当外卖员,因为手续很简单:合法的身份与自己有一辆车就好了 。 我首先选择的是中文平台熊猫外卖:pandadeliver,因为可以选择中文,而且服务市场也是中文,审核 很快,背景调查也非常快,2天就完成可以上线了 。