Why is it starting again?

 Why would I start again? I am now 40 years old and have changed to a new environment, mainly a new language environment.

I am from China and have lived in China for decades. Now I am in the United States. I am an entrepreneur in China and have done a lot of things. I came to the United States mainly for children to study. I don’t want them to follow our old path: all day long. After receiving ideological education, almost all the headlines in China are still made by one person. I don’t know why this person can brainwash the whole of China.

The biggest problem I faced when I came to the United States was how to create value and survive. I wanted to regain my entrepreneurial spirit and start again.

I am a programmer, so the easiest way to start again is to follow the path of programming, find direction, and start a business. I believe that the more you do, the more you will gain experience, inspiration, and a new beginning.

I created this website to record the starting point of my new journey and the growth of my new platform www.1688club.com.