360 Security Guard Company is the most rogue company I have ever seen

China's 360 company, I believe all Chinese people know this company, we often use it to clean up computer software junk, etc. This function is good.
Why is this company the most rubbish company in the world? It’s not because it has a lot of pop-up ads or because it bundles the 360 browser, but because it will actively change your settings, such as the Google Chrome browser you use. If the system default browser fails many times, after the change is successful during this period, you will change chrome as the default browser again. This company's software will not give up. It will find a way to set your chrome's default open website to 360 The website navigation address is very rogue.
If you want to change the homepage he changed, you must open the 360 software. After various verifications, you can successfully change it by luck. This kind of wandering company is really rare in the world.