Experienced google ads block to unblock in one day

At 12:30 in the morning, I received an email from GOOGLE ads, saying that I had violated the circumvention policy and that my account was frozen. I could no longer use Google ads to advertise. I was shocked. I didn’t do anything illegal. Maybe it's frozen?

I read the email and the various violations listed in the circumvention policy, but I didn't find any of them that I had violated. So I checked the previous records of the domain name 1688club.com on various websites and found that there were a lot of illegal contents, so I Suddenly I realized that it was these remnants of past history that were causing trouble, so I collected the information and submitted a complaint.

The complaint stated the situation truthfully and informed me of the reasons. An email was sent around 10:45 pm, telling me that there was no problem and that I would be taken care of. Thank you very much to Google Ads for reviewing it so quickly.